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Vibe® creates warm, inviting and comfortable environments for tenants and their guests. It's a new type of office space that blends amenities, value and services which are customized to each location. We believe that when people are comfortable and happy, they'll have better energy, focus – they’re provided more of what’s needed to be successful.

We created Vibe® based on one simple idea...

Think about it… You spend the best, most productive hours of your day at work, why shouldn't it feel more like home? That “….aaahh moment” you feel when, after a long and hecitc day, you walk in the door and are home.

As you enter a Vibe® property, you'll notice the lighting is different… the artwork is different. It's not the 'expected' business environment. We carefully design our decor and use soft, dimmable LED lighting (we hate fluorescent lights). Thought and planning is given to the entire experience – from entering the building to where to eat, running errands, a full day's work and then going home – we've carefully thought through ways to help make your day better.

Vibe® properties don’t just look cool, they’re fun.

Ride your bike to work and store it in the bike storage room; bring your dog to work and take him or her for walks during your break; sample the food from some of the cafes at or near Vibe® properties or order something for a group meeting.

Need a little break from your office? Try one of our meeting spaces where you can sit down and work with a client or coworker.

Our Vision

What Sets us apart

We Focus on You

Every Vibe® property is managed by a professional team, led by our manager and supported by engineers, designers, porters, security staff and a maintenance crew.

Each Vibe® team member is dedicated to bringing you the best experience possible.

Creating Communities

Encouraging Collaboration

Vibe® uses open spaces, break-out rooms and lounge areas to create communities inside, and in some locations, outside the building that encourage collaboration. Sometimes it's good to get out of the office without leaving the building.

Design Obsessed

Vibe® Designs Unique Spaces

Vibe Boutique Office Properties is designed for quality conscious companies who want to stand out, be better, care about the impact and affect imparted by their surroundings, not only to their associates, but to clientele, investors – to all guests.

Vibe® Team

Robert Hayman CEO & PRINCIPAL

Some might call him a visionary, some might call him a perfectionist, some might even call him a control-freak, but whatever you call him, don’t call him Bob! Born in a small California town but raised in Los Angeles, Robert’s experience as a visionary, strategist, marketer and operator extend from Fashion and Retail to MedTech and Real Estate. A graduate of Boston University, Robert is married with two children and lives in Malibu.

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Sherry Fischer CFO

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Andrew J. Hayden, Esq. GENERAL COUNSEL

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